Velox G2 (Generation-2) Free Shipping


The Velox is back. A little bigger than the G1 but a lot better.
A very popular Trainer Twin Boom Jet with very good Looks. We were keeping that unlisted because we wanted to make sure our Customers get the Best products possible. And After going some essential changes on the body and booms mainly and eliminating all the known faults of the First model we are are now offering this je at a very affordable price. After Stretching the booms and nose by 15% the new Velox has a length of 2000mm and a wingspan of 1770mm. Power required is a 6kgs minimum (see the Kingtech K60G and Puma-60) with a recommended 8kgs (Kingtech K80G) or for those with demand of some adrenaline rush it can take up to 10kgs (Kingtech K100G)
It comes in ..wait for it... TWELVE different paint schemes.
Unlike most Feibao jets this won't be offered in two packages but you will get the option as RTF or not. Yet if you want your own options you can always Contact Us,

Velox G2 includes:

  • Velox G2 Painted
  • Landing Gear Set
  • Gear Door Cylinders/Hinges set
  • Cockpit
  • Airfreight

In the Videos below you can see the Velox G2 with a kingtech and a Jetcat P60 flying . the second was the first flight of the Pilot with a jet. yet the velox handles so well it makes for a perfect first Jet

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