The Tuono Easy is the Smallest of the Tuono Family
Spans out at 1400mm and with a total length of 1500mm it's definetely an easy plane to carry around
It can be powered by a 90 or 120mm Electric Ducted Fan unit (ask us for options Stumax are also available on order)
or a small 6kgs turbine. Chekc out Puma-65 and K60G Turbines
It's entirely a composite construction with all the moving surfaces (Elevators, Ailerons and Flaps) pre-hinged 
Comes with one piece main wing and elevators so everything is pretty easy to install

It is offered with several options however if you choose something else from the options list below please don't hesitate to contact us

Kit "THUNDER EASY "in white gelcoat

€ 900.00

Delux Kit (assembled)

€ 1,300.00

RTF Kit (assembled and painted)

€ 1,750.00

Trolleys Electric (E-flite)

€ 170.00

Servi (8 Hitec HS-5085 MG)

€ 264.00

Kit wiring (cables and connectors)

€ 200.00


€ 213.00


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