T-One Fortune Jet JP compatible Electric Gears


These are some really Beefy replacement gears for your Fortune JEt
with 16mm Strut diameter strong spring action  big 86mm wheels
Electric retracts with Electric brakes being controlled by the same control box which is being supplied by one 2s Lipo battery.
2 Servo leads are signal input only, for the Brakes and the Retracts.
There are also 2 servo output slots for gear doors so the control box also acts as a sequencer. 
The brakes are fully proportional so you can either add them on a switch on your radio which the power will be adjusted according to the switch throw settings or add them on any knob or slider you may have on your radio to brake according to the circumstances. 
the Gear Up/Down action is smooth no matter if the retract is lifting the weight of the gear or retracting down.
The nose gear has a servo plate for your standard size servo and comes with the pushrod fitted with ball links on both sides. 
Last but not least a key is also supplied in case you want to reverse your retracts.

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