Stumax SM89-45


On Demand (Unless there is stock)

The SM89-45 EDF System is a cut down version of the SM100-45. It features the same rotor as the SM100-45, machined down to suit an 89mm inside diameter shroud. The gold anodised aluminium motor tube/heatsink is also the same, so super cool motor running is assured. Due to the smaller diameter rotor, the SM89-45 requires less torque than the SM100-45, which means a shorter, lighter motor is possible. The HET 700-68 series motors are an excellent choice, and our first choice for factory built plug and play systems. The shroud is injection moulded from polycarbonate. The carbon fibre stator assembly is bonded to the motor tube and shroud with aerospace grade methyl-methacrylate adhesive

This System is Perfect Fit for our Viper Jet 90
and the Tuono Easy

You can choose to get the EDF system only or comes as PNP balanced by Stumax

With an HET 700-68-1125kV motor:                                With an HET 700-83-1080kV motor: 12S 5000mAh lipos: 5000W
  • 10S 5000mAh lipos: 3600W                                      
  • 8S 5000mAh lipos: 2400W
Note that these figures are taken on a test stand with a radiussed inlet lip and open exhaust. Your figures will be close but not exactly the same as a lot depends on the voltage your lipos deliver under load, the air temperature, humidity, altitude as well as inlet duct design and exhaust duct diameter.

Note that it can be build with 1200kv motor for a bit more power but the 1125Kv is prooved to be more efficient.
By reducing the exhaust pipe which all planes have you will see more power from your System

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