P-60 F-5 (Shipping included)


Name says enough. 

An F-5 for a 60N power engine. Ofcourse the power needed ranges from 5.5 (wren54 for example) up to 8Kgs
Many could also build it as EDF with their own mods or mods already available in the market.

The plane uses Just tailerons and rudders helping keeping the weight low.

The horizontal stabilizer features a twin ball bearing system to ensure Stability and Rigidity of the all moving horizontal stabilizers.

Wingspan is just 1245mm and overall length is at 2040mm

You will only need 4 servos for this model.

We offer this model with everything installed and shipping included in the price. Included in the package is

  • F5 plane painted (4 schemes available)
  • Landing gear Set
  • Tailpipe
  • Gear door cylinders/Hinges set
  • Cockpit
  • RTF service
  • DHL

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