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Satellite flexographic printing machine

Satellite flexographic printing machine
6-color satellite flexographic printing machine
Product details:
Mechanical structure: central large roller type, the printing material is supported by a single large roller, and does not leave the press roller between the same color and the same color. Because the material belt is tightly wrapped on the central press roller, the tension is constant, so the chromaticity is accurate.
The whole machine production line realizes the tension closed-loop speed control mode from discharging to finished product winding, so as to maximize the yield of products.
Ink scraping device: it adopts a two-way closed scraper, which can print exquisite finished products at high speed.
It has the characteristics of precise structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and strong stability.
Drying method: separate electric heating box, warm air blowing, safe use of printed matter, automatic temperature control.
Automatic rewinding correction: the automatic correction device is used during rewinding, so that the tension of the substrate can be maintained during shutdown, and the substrate will not deviate and shift
Receiving transmission: high performance motor, correct linkage, low friction cylinder device tension of segment difference wheel is constant.

Main technical parameters:





Printing chromatic number


Maximum overcharge width




Maximum printing width




Printing materials

Heat shrinkable film, BOPP, PET, PE, OPP, PP, NY, etc.

Mechanical speed


Printing speed

50-150m/min(Characteristic Operation of Video Substrate and Ink)

Winding diameter


Repeated printing length


Printing mode

Single sided printing

Plate thickness

Photosensitive resin plate 1.7mm or 2.28mm (according to customer requirements)

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